Vintage and creative pieces collected and designed 
by etsy artisans of the world.

Swing dance, French vintage spat inspired spat high heel shoes

Gorgeous French vintage Shoes and Dress by Dandelion Day Dreamer of
This shop has so many amazing things that you really have to give it a look for your self.

Queen of Hearts Vintage mini dress.

I love cowl scarves and I especially like unique pieces that are hand made by people who share sentiment and care in their work through every stitch they crochet. 

I love these gorgeous crochet cowl neck scarves by Megans Menagerie of!  At her store there are so many different varieties of colors and yarn.  I think it's really cool that you can wear these more than one way.  These three cowls are some of my favorites, but there are much more available at Megans store!

Beautiful Jackets from Little Houses on Etsy!

Emma Coat

Ada Coat