Make your own Cute and unique little coin purses!

These are some that I made!  A Friend of mine works at a textile factory and hooked me up with a zillion little zippers! This project is awesome if you have a lot of small pieces of fabric you want to get used up!

I love making coin purses. I've made like a bazillion of these lil guiz and given most of them away to friends who all have told me they loved them. The great thing about these is they are really easy to make. Whenever I get the itch to do something creative I and I am feeling uninspired these cute coin purses are a great way to keep those hands busy! I found a tutorial on YouTube that you can watch to learn and make your own!

Bath bombs!
I made these little bath bombs using ice cub trays with push bottoms, if you don't have those i suggest using rounded measuring cups and fusing to half together to make a traditional bath bomb. The  advantage to making them that way is that they can be made larger and have quite a bit more fizz due to their size.
These are inexpensive and easy to make! The things you will need are all available at  your nearest bulk food store.

Ingredients are:
 2 cups of baking soda
1 cup of citric acid ( comes in powdered form looks kinda like baking soda.)
5 drops of essential oil
4 Tbsp of Oil ( Baby oil, Almond oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, what ever you want really they will all work)
3-5 Drops of food coloring. ( I didn't have any so I used a pack of kool aid, haha Worked fine.)
1 spray bottle
1.Mix all of your wet ingredients in a spray bottle. The oil, the essential oil, your food coloring, if you're using kool aid put that powder in the bottle. Shake gently to mix all ingredients together.

2. Mix all dry ingredients together. Just stir it around thouroughly, they are all white so it's hard to tell if you've done the job or not. From my experience it makes no difference how well you mix it.

 3. Once you have completed step 1 and 2, put on your latex gloves. Begin to kneed the mixture with one hand while you spray the wet ingredients on it with the other. Kneed consistantly, you don't want the dry mixture to get to wet in one spot or it will start to fizz and your bath bombs won't work. Once it starts to stick together it will feel kinda of like fine wet sand sticking together at the beach. If you've used all of your ingredients and it's not sticking well, add a little more oil.

4. Pack into ice cube trays! Let them set for about 10 minutes. Pop one out to test it. Again, Only do this in ice cube trays if you have the ones with the smooshies bottoms.

I hope these work out as well for you as they did for me! :D